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Interviewing His Excellency Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Twitter

Interviewing His Excellency Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Twitter #QFMJO


Tonight was an interesting night where I was fortunate enough to interview H.E Nasser Judeh or @Nasserhudeh on twitter. I used Wazzup and search #QFMJO Which shows a good overall view, I should have used Twitlonger for Q & A but will do in my next interview. For a couple of days I announced the interview along with the hashtag #QFMJO (Questions to Foreign Minister of Jordan) and collected around 40 questions that tackles foreign issues. The interview was a great step towards an open dialogue between the government and the people, there are more officials who showed interest in conducting the same interview, which will be conducting later on. This is just a start and you can continue the dialogue at 7iber


Shusmo: #QFMJO Interview with H.E Foreign Minister @NasserJudeh is one hour away RT/Pls All Questions has been noted, please no interruptions

Shusmo: #QFMJO Interview with H.E Foreign Minister @NasserJudeh in 27 minutes RT/Pls

Shusmo: We are about to start the interview with His Excellency Mr. Nasser Judeh, please no interruptions all questions has been


NasserJudeh: @Shusmo Are we set?

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Yes sir.

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO Hello @Shusmo

Shusmo: First I would like to thank His Excellency for taking the time to communicate with us via Twitter, and here are the instructions: When I ask the question I will be mentioning the name of the person asking the question,when answering pls start with #QFMJO + Name + Tweet

NasserJudeh: @Shusmo #QFMJO Right! Got it!

Shusmo: #QFMJO @SamiaQ : How much does #US foreign policy affect Jordan’s policies? by that i mean on domestic, regional& international levels?

NasserJudeh: @SamiaQ #QFMJO Jordan’s foreign policy reflects Jordan`s national interests and is affected by the variables affecting its national interest, So the direct answer to your question is that national interest drives Jordanian foreign policy. in some instances Jordan’s national interests may well converge with those of other countries.

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Thank you, next Q

Shusmo: #QFMJO @UrdunMubdi3 : Given our challenges & mistrust in region, what needs to be the role of Diplomacy 2.0 to reshape our next decade?

NasserJudeh: there is no doubt peace & stability in our region and a just solution to Arab Israeli conflict will unleash the vast potential, of this region and enable regional cooperation to bring about prosperity. this is a Jordanian national interest.

Shusmo: OK, a bunch of questions were about the same topic, so I’m gonna tweet all 4 questions because it is the same answer #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah : R there any circmstnces under which#Jordan wld yield its right 2 develop nuclear energy due 2 #Israeli &#USA pressure?
Shusmo: @Elsalameen : Why do you think Israel is sabotaging Jordan’s nuclear program? Can you name an instance of Israel doing so?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MayseNababteh : How true is it that Israel is trying to disrupt our efforts 4 nuclear energy? What r we doing 2 preserve our RIGHT?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How serious is the latest media driven debate on Jordan-US nuclear disagreement?
NasserJudeh: @Tarawnah #QFMJO absolutly not. jordan’s peaceful neoclear energy program is a strategic requirement 4Jordan. There is not US pressure, there is not Us pressure not to proceed with the program on the contrary there is support for this, as expressed recently by the state dep. discussions are ongoing with the US to finalize NCA similar to ones signed with others, israel may have tried to throw a spanner in the works in our discussion with other countries but this will not deter us. and our Neoclear program is proceeding on schedule. neoclear energy for jordan is not a luxury but a question of survival given our reliance on imported energy, which takes its heavy toll on our economy. All our friends appreciate this.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @zsafwan :How does #Jordan view new #Turkish role in region? Will role help change rules of the game for region?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO Turkey is an important neighbour to our region and is attempting to contribute positvely to quest of peace as are many other countries around the world in the final analyses the world stands to beenefit from peace and stability in the ME I recenlty said that peacein the ME is peace of mind for the rest of the world so all positive contributions are welcome but God helps those who help themselves, and we owe this to our childern and their children.
Shusmo: Thank you, Now I have 3 questions tackling the same issue which will shoot all 3 at once for the same answer #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : Other than providing support for the anti- terror “global” effort, what leverage do we REALLY have on the world stage?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MayseNababteh : Pls clarify what our role is in the global fight against so-called #terrorism? Why r we in#Afghanistan?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah : Are there plans for Jordan to inform its public where it has sent troops & their role in the so-called “war on terror”?
NasserJudeh: @MohannedA #QFMJO providing support? We are in this effort primarly to protect our own national interests and citizens. need i remind need i remind how many times we were targeted by terror and how many innocent lives we have lost? and yes in order for this to be effective it has to be in concert with the golbale network. as for leverage; experience, respect our leadership’s vision and wisdom and stature on the world stage to name but a few factors contributing to leverage.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @bataleh :اسرائيل تقول لا دوله فلسطينية بل تتحدث عن الاردن كوطن بديل ونحن نصر ان هناك سلام و نحمي سفيرها بعمان وهم يقصفون غزة !لماذا؟
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO الاردن ليس وطنا بديلا لاحد. فلسطين هي فلسطين والاردن هو الاردن وكل من يدعي او يروج لغير ذلك هو واهم @bataleh ÷ما بالنسبة لغزة  اما بالنسبة لغزة فموقف جلالة الملك المعظم الثابت هة بضرورة وحتمية رفع الحصار الجائر عن اهلنا في غزة وبوجود المستشفى الميداني.  العسكري ومئات قوافل الااغاثة والمساعدات الطبية والانسانية والغذائية لغزة كنا فعليا اول من كسر الحصار قولا وفعلا.  والاردن يسخر كافة علاقاته الدبلوماسية لخدمة القضايا العربية وفي جوهرها القضية الفلسطينية واهلها.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @Priapus_D : Will #Jordan play a MORE active role in the solution to the #Arab #Israeli Conflict?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO forgive me for saying that this a rhetorical question as no one has played a more active role in the quest for peace in our region

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO please forgive spelling mistakes as i am typing very fast with two fingers but you get the general drift i hope.

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Yes we we got it 🙂 thank you #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @Priapus_D : In this time of shifting sands how is #Jordangoing to adjust it’s international Alliances?
NasserJudeh: Jordan’s foreign policy is not 1 that is based on axies & or alliances it’s one based on concensus building and a collective effort.#QFMJO HM Traverls the world to bring opp. to Jordan & to focus intl attention on regional challenges and need to collectivly address them #QFMJO
NasserJudeh: @OulaFarawati #QFMJO My T Shirt has the Jordanian flag on my left shoulder and says “GOD KING COUNTRY ” on the back
Shusmo: #QFMJO I have few questions in regards to #Jordan Embassies abroad will shoot them together
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why doesn’t Foreign Ministry have a more informative Portal,with each embassy & consulate website being part of it?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @KhalilWahhab :had a question about creating an English website 4 the Ministry & some of the foreign Embassy websites are unavailable
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why don’t #Jordan embassies set up Jordanian schools abroad for our children? most of the other embassies do
Shusmo: One more #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why cant Jordanian expats vote through embassies? why do we lose this basic right?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO I really hope that one day they will be able to as it is important.

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO We do have the ministry’s website in both english and Arabic, they are undergoing redesign and redevelopment.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : How is the #Obama doctrine any different from the #Bush doctrine as it relates to #Jordan and its foreign policy?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO No different in HM’s meetings with Obama since he took office there has been nothing but reaffermation of strong bond between between 2 countries and appreciation for jordan’s imp. role in region as a voice of reason and vision. This feeling is carried from administration to administration. @MohannedA
Shusmo: #QFMJO @HamzehN : Can u plz share short-to-medium term goals on ministry’s current agenda? Can u comment on obstacles u face WITHIN #JO?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @ Building on work of pervious ministers and ensuring that diplomatic corp is eqpt, trained and supported 2 carry out it’s it’s duties in implemnting HM’s visions and policies. i always say that HM with the respect that he has around the world opens the door and creates opp. it is up to us to walk through these doors and do our work. this requires a polished diplomatic corp and attracting a new generation of young energetic jordanian men and women serving their country here and abroad, that is my dream here at the ministry. empower those who are here and attract talent into the system.
Shusmo: I know this might not be in your backyard, but here it goes..#QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @mirqab Do u agree with a governmental project to edu ppl about political parties b4 rushing to the elections?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @mirqab : As proper elections require the presence of political parties ,do u think we r ready for non-tribal elections?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO I think this is a question for others in the gov. and although I am not short of an answer lets stick to foreign policy
Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Sure, thank you, more on the way #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How do u view the future role of #JO diplomatic mission in bridging the gap with Jordanians abroad?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO refere to what HM & PM said recently on vision for the kind of political parliamentary representation Jordanians should aspire 2 truly reflect our country’s vision for the future, an essential component of the work of Jordanian embassies abroad is maintain channels with jordanian communities abroad we do everything in our power 2 facilitate and meet needs of Jordanians abroad and provide them wih assistance required 2 maintain links with their homeland.
Shusmo: Thank you Your Excellency @NasserJudeh we are having a 10 minutes break and we will resume afterwards #QFMJO
Shusmo: @hsalameh This is the first step toward the dialogue, @7iber will post it again and open door for further discussion and you can always @ HE
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO shall we
Shusmo: Welcome back #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah#JO has so far failed to attract large- scale foreign investment, what needs 2b done 2 attract giants like #Google#Nike?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @tarawnah electricity,energy, water, telecom,DISI,aQABA, hotels, kh business park, all and much more. Hardly failure not to mention Maktoob`s recent success with Yahoo. doesnt mean we cant do more and we r trying.
Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Good answer thank you #QFMJO
Tarawnah: @NasserJudeh i was actually refering more to heavy manufacturing. but thanks for taking the time to respond. good step!
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : What would it take 2 withdraw the #Jo#ambassador from #Israel?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @MohannedA In the recent flotilla incident it was Jordanian diplomacy contacts with many, including Israel that secured release of the passengers. Like I said, Jordan’s diplomatic ties r utilised to serve the Palestinian Cause and exert pressure when necessary.
Shusmo: @hazemdmour: هل في اجنده لدى الوزاره للتعامل مع الراي العام الاردني بخصوص قضايا المنطقه ؟
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @elsalameen Wh,y I dont know. its for them to answer. But Jordan’s nuclear prog is transparent, abides by int”l standards and checks and on more than one occasion they tried to undercut our discussions with some countries on NCA.
but since we made a noise about it they are now trying to cooperate.
Shusmo: I have 2 more questions before we wrap up #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @bataleh : ما الذي يحدد حضور او عدم حضور الاردن لأي قمة عربية ؟
NasserJudeh: @bataleh #QFMJO الاردن تاريخيا لم يتخلف عن حضور اي قمة عربية ودائما يحرص على الاجماع العربي والعمل العربي المشترك. ولذلك الاردن دائما يشارك
Shusmo: #QFMJO @SamiaQ: How to encourage US/EU to send more aid for Iraqi refugees since they r stuck n jordan? we cant ignore them after all
NasserJudeh: @SamiaQ iraqis in jordan r not refugees even though they r here in large no. we share with tem wot lit we have as our guests &#QFMJO and brethrens and yes this has an added toll on our economy. we have received aid in past and cont. to seek intl help in this regard.
Shusmo: Those are all the question we have for His Excellency @NasserJudeh this is not the end, but rather the beginning of a dialogue #QFMJO
Shusmo: I would like to thank His Excellency @NasserJudeh, much appreciated and hope this is the start of something positive#QFMJO
NasserJudeh: @Shusmo My pleasure I enjoyed it thoroughly brought back good memories of when I used to do this as minster of inf. #QFMJO in fact I remember a night like this one when i sat late into the night with my good friend Marwan Jumah @ICTMIN in the mid 90’s @ netsonline’s Ask The Gov. Back then internet was a novelty and look where we are today. Their Majestieshave set an example hve set an example of how to be close to people whether in real life or cyberspace and we are trying to follow that example today we see the PM and several ministerws and officials not only on twitter but everywhere. this is the beauty of our beloved Jordan
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO if I have not answered any remaining question by all means keep them coming and I promise to answer in due course. Thank u @Shusmo

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO and thanks to my entire team whose suppopset in always invaluable. lets do another session soon! Good Night!
To continue the dialogue check out 7iber

Social Media in Jordan

Social Media is 2010 has been a high tidal wave. Not very easy to understand but it sure is viral and empowering. Some are using it right and some are trying too hard.

Back in 2005 when I was still living in the states, I discovered Blogs, and I scanned the Arabic region for Bloggers and found some Kuwaiti and some Jordanian Bloggers, then I found out the Kuwaiti Blog Aggregator which aggregate all Blogs about Kuwait, I looked for one for Jordan and I wasn’t able to find one so I bought JordanBlogs.com but then found out there is one called http://www.jordanplanet.net
But by end of 2006 JordanPlanet shut down so I spent the next 48 hours Building JordanBlogs and I came up with new policies, we are taking all Bloggers no selection process needed. But I also created a committee from local Bloggers to help manage the Aggregator. This was my first attempt and it wasn’t easy, I later on sold it.

In 2007 when I moved back to Jordan I started tweeting but didn’t find it appealing, so I stopped. Somehow back in 2008 Twitter became hot, I jumped onboard and started tweeting, Twistival was my first group meeting with Tweeps from Jordan, then we started meeting and there was a group created Jotweetup we started meeting socially and we would meet at cafes & restaurants and even went paintball shooting. We got to know each other and started networking with one another.

One morning while hearing negative tweets I started a new hash tag #Top50Jo which is basically stating your top 50 things you like about Jordan, bear in mind this is not a new idea, I later learned that Naseem tarawnah has a Blog post about his top 50 things he like about Jordan back in 2005 then a radio station have their own 105 list.
I guess I will never know what made mine famous, everybody started tweeting his list and it went viral in a matter of hours, which got a huge reception at all fronts, it was a turning point for Tweeps in Jordan, people joined Twitter because of #Top50Jo
We had a video shooting for the event and meet so many faces behind the twitter nicks. Fouad Jeryes mentioned something about Amman Tech Tuesday and Kinan also told us about Geek Fest in Dubai.

So we decided to meet and discuss AmmanTT, those who were interested showed up for the meeting and those who were committed sustained those efforts and kept working towards building the new event. AmmanTT picked up pretty well and we had good content and were able to pull a good crown, it is zero budget and consists of efforts of community members like me and you.

Tonight I’m having an interview with the Foreign Minister of Jordan on Twitter and will be conducting such with other government members later on.

Corporates in Jordan are catching up to the power of Social media and they are joining the craze. @Aramex, @ZainJo, @Wheel_Express, @LaVilleJo, @KitchenetteJo, @NissanJordan@Biteme-Jordan and plenty more are trying.

Social Media cannot be ignored anymore. Companies should engage it internally and externally. Social Media policy should be redefined and employees should be trained on How-To utilize Social Media.

Social Media can:

  • Empower your brand
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

Social Media is new and there are plenty of questions to be asked;

  • Should the company outsource it? Or train its own employees to use it?
  • Which department should adapt it? Should there be a new social media department and consulting the other different departments? Or should each department have its own Social Media person?
  • What is UGC?
  • What are LBS?
  • Who are the influencers?
  • What is the competition doing with Social Media?
  • How can we monitor our brand mention (alerts)?
  • How can a company merge Social Media with existing solutions?

Share your thoughts!

AmmanTT preparation for dummies


Today I’m going to talk about the preparation that goes around pre Amman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) event.

Venue: The most important things is the venue, so we have been using Princess Sumaya University Friendship hall that holds around 200 seats, but now that we have a larger crowd we are looking for a new venue that holds 300+.

Coffee Break: Then we have the Coffee break which cost around 250JD catered by Kitchennete Jo. We usually ask around for anyone who wants to sponsor it and in return they can give out mugs with logos and a roll out next to coffee break table.

Theme: We meet the day after the event *post event Meeting* and decide on a topic and pick an entity to help us suggest speakers such as 7iber and Jordan open Source.

Speakers: We have established a speaker selection process, first we nominate the speakers once the topic is set, then send an email to all of them asking them to send us an intro & a draft presentation we also suggest to them that we think they are good at so and so their topic can be so and so but in the end it is up to them. Once we receive their response we establish a dialogue and invite them to our next meeting which is on Mondays. Once we see them and talk to them and check out their presentation and emphasis that this is not about promoting yourself rather than talking about your experience and offering tips and stories that the community can learn from, we vote on speakers.

Video & Photos: We were lucky to have Aramram onboard who offered to do Ustreaming plus a video about the event along with the pre event meetings. Also some of our online friends (tweeps & Bloggers)
are professional photographers who are also helping with photographing the event.

Live Blogging & tweeting: We have established a live tweeting by one of our tweeting friends and everybody live tweet the event, then we also have Bloggers like myself and others who blog about it.

The event is Zero Budget, all of the community coming together donating their effort, time and little gadgets to help AmmanTT becoming a class act event to the community. We are not worried about people criticizing us, we love making mistakes so we can learn from them. We welcome all suggestions and they will be taken seriously, voted on and implemented.

We meet every Monday and email each other in between and genuinely working hard on making a successful event for techies in Jordan, the keyword here is collaboration where we are pitch in to make it work. See you Next AmmanTT event August 3rd J


The Only Twitter Applications List You’ll Ever Need

What are Twitter Applications?

Welcome to Twitterapps! – I have 275 Twitter applications at the moment

Twitter applications can be called by different names. They are sometimes called as “twitter tools”, “twitter add-ons” and the likes. But whatever the name they are called, they are simply websites which have built-in scripts that complement Twitter.

Here is a simple collection of all the Twitter applications I have encountered on the internet. Contribute more applications to keep the list growing.

I also review twitter applications in-depth in my Twitter Tools List

Here’s my favorite link:



Get to know Twitter

Twitter is a status-updating or microblogging social networking website. It is a breakthrough in social networking because it takes communication into another level. Before, a person can only update his status (eg. what he’s doing, where he is) at a certain time. But with Twitter and it’s mobile integration, he can update his status almost all throughout the day and get in touch with people that matters to him the most.

But the functions of Twitter do not stop there. It is now used by various fields. Business, for example, has used Twitter to get in touch with customers on a personal level. It is also a nice place to meet people from different parts of the world that shares the same interests. Furthermore, its possibilities to promote new technology, news and products can’t be denied.

Join Twitter and use these Twitter applications to spice up your tweets!

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Twitter in Plain English
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http://commoncraft.com A quick and plain English intro the micro-blogging service Twitter. Follow us: http://www.twitter.com/commoncraft This video comes in an unbranded “presentation quality” version that can be licensed for use in the workplace. http://www.commoncraft.com/twitter
curated content from YouTube

Twitter Applications Directory…


Find Tweeters like You 

Directories and User Search Tools

Just Tweet It
A twitter directory sorted by interest
This tool will automatically find people who are compatible with your interests. However, if you follow too many people, then Twubble may recommend some people that you already follow
Twittie Me
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Find out what is the latest trends on Twitter 

Sites that tell the latest stories and trends on Twitter

A search tool that tracks trends as well as certain events.
Trendistic (previously Flaptor Search)
A search tool that can be installed on your browser.
Tweet Scan
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Track Twitter Users 

Find out who the top Twitter users are

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a list of the top 150 Twitterers

Track certain keywords on Twitter 

See keyword behavior on Twitter with these sites

Tweet Beep
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Twitter Buzz
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Track Tweets Across the Globe 

What do you get when you mix maps with Twitter?

Watch as people from different parts of the world tweet.
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Enhance your Tweeting 

Some tools to add elements to your tweeting

Twitter Keys
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Update Twitter with other Social Networking Sites 

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Same as ping.fm but with added services
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Twitter and your Favorite Websites 

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Twitter for Groups 

Effective when you want to only talk to a particular group

Group Tweet
Tweet with only a particular group of people
Live Twitting
Host Conferences or conduct interviews on twitter and record it in an organized fashion
Crowd Status
Find out the status of a certain group of people on Twitter
Twitter Groups
Tag your followers into different groups

Twitter as an organizer 

Remind yourself of certain activities you have to do

Set an alarm for things you have to do
Retweet Me
A reminder tool that sends a DM on your scheduled activities.
Remember the Milk
Manage tasks on Twitter as well as set notifications for yourself
Integrate your Google Calendar with Twitter
My Chores
Track your chores
Make plans and export them to Twitter
Server Mojo
Monitor your server with Twitter

Schedule your Tweets 

Auto-tools to schedule tweets. Use wisely. Do not use for spam

Tweet Later
Schedule tweets, auto-follow and auto-welcome people
Schedule your tweets. Very useful when you are advertising.
Tweet Ahead
Schedule your tweets on Mac
Twit Response
Imagine Twitter + Autoresponder. Send tweets automatically.

Find answers to your questions 

Think Yahoo Answers meet Twitter

Lazy Tweet
Find answers to your questions by posting “@lazyweb” or “@lazytweet”
Easily get answers to your questions by posting “@toask” and “@toanswer “
At Answer Me
Another question tool
Twitter Answers
Another question site with a nice layout so you can easily get answers to your questions.

Polls on Twitter 

Very useful for research

Straw Poll
Create and answer polls on Twitter
Twitter Polldaddy
Create a poll on polldaddy and tweet it
Poll Tweets
Participate in the latest Twitter poll
Join some twitter polls and receive the results in 24 hours

Track Yourself Through Twitter Statistics 

Check out your status on Twitter

Tweet Burner
Track the links that you post on Twitter
Twitter Grader
find out your twitter grade. Computed based on how complete your profile is as well as the number and influence of your followers.
Tweet Stats
Graph your tweet activity
Measure your Twitter influence through tweets, reach of followers as well as second-order followers
Tweeple Twak
Track your friend gains and declines
Twit Graph
Graph your tweeting activity
Tweet 140
Track your direct message and tweet frequency
Twitter Ratio
Find out your friend to follower ratio.

Make Money with Twitter 

Ways you can use your twitter account to earn money

Place advertisements on your profile
Advertise with 5 tweets and get paid

Handle Multiple Twitter Accounts 

These tools will help you handle those accounts at a certain time. Useful when you have a company twitter profile.

Easy Tweets
Multiple account handling, scheduled tweets, overcoming errors, shorten URLs, add RSS
The Mattinator
Multiple accounts on Twitter

Graphic Twitter Resources 

Resources where you can get backgrounds for your profile as well as icons to put in your blog

Twitter Backs
Free Twitter Backgrounds. Includes @problogger’s background.
Twitter Patterns
50 design patterns you can easily use for your twitter background
Tweet Backs
Some twitter backgrounds you could use
Siah Design
free Twitter buttons you could use as well as animated ones.
Follow me on twitter buttons
Create your own twitter

Integrate Twitter with Files, Images and Videos 

Upload anything to Twitter

Let you share photos on Twitter
Update your Twitter when you post a Flickr picture
Share your Flickr photos on Twitter
Allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
Visual Twitter
Answers “what are you doing?” with pictures.
Twitter Poster
A huge conglomeration of Twitter user images.
Think Twitter updates + video
Make tweets with pictures, videos and files
Share pictures, music, video and other files on Twitter.
Share photos and videos on Twitter
Tweet Cube
Upload files to Twitter
Post pictures on Twitter

Twitter and Email 

Receive and send tweets via email

Update twitter via email
Twitter Reply
Receive your replies on your email
Update Twitter with your Microsoft Outlook
Vtwitter allows Zimbra users to send messages (or sometimes called tweets) to their Twitter account directly from their Zimbra email.
mail2twitter is a free service that allows you to post tweets through e-mail

Twitter and Music 

Integrate twitter with your love for music

Tweet what you’re listening, watching or reading regardless what player you are using.
Listen to music and tweet it to Twitter
Lists the audio tracks on Twitter

Twitter Downtime Saviors 

Tools that will save you when Twitter has its downtimes

Twit a Bit
The place to be when Twitter is down. Anyone can continue tweeting in this site.
Backup your twitter account
Twitter Safe
Another place where you can backup your account.
Another website where you can tweet

Twitter Spam Watchers 

Fight twitter spam with these tools

Twitter Blacklist
Find out who’s blacklisted on Twitter
Twerp Scan
Find out who’s following too many people at a small span of time.
Report those spammers here

Twitter Messenger Applications 

Integrate Twitter with your Messenger

Integrate twitter with your MSN or ICQ Messenger
Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin
Integrate twitter with your Yahoo Messenger
Update your Twitter on Yahoo Messenger
Twitter tool for Windows Live Messenger
Update twitter via messenger as well as advertise the tweets of your friends.
Integrate Twitter with iChat

Twitter Softwares and Widgets 

Clients you can download to your desktop

A downloadable application which have multiple account support, auto refreshing mechanism, audio notification of new tweets and integration with AppleScript. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Mad Twitter
Twitterific for Windows
An Air Application that differentiates itself from other downloadable twitter applications through its flawless drag-and-drop file uploading system.
a downloadable application with all the features of twitter except that it auto refreshes.
popular software that can handle multiple accounts, URL shortening, crossposting to Pownce and Jaiku, Post images on Twitpic, and search tweets using twitter search and tweetscan.
Adobe AIR application that lets you view your replies and public tweets as well as group tweets at the same time
another twitter client built on AIR
another twitter client built on AIR
A standalone Twitter client
Twitter client for Windows
Twitter for Windows that supports proxies, have a read-unread system and auto-refresh mechanism.
Twitter CLI
Tweet via a command line
Another tool to update Twitter on a command line
Let you send tweets on your PC with URL shortening and sound notifications for tweets
A Japanese software which showcases your followers and accounts in other social networks
Twitter tool for Windows Vista
Twitter widget for Mac users
Vim Twitter Client
A simple client by Vim
Update Twitter without opening a window
Another simple Twitter client
Deskbar Twitter
Update Twitter on Ubuntu
Update Twitter on Linux
update Twitter on Emacs
open source desktop client for Mac, Windows and Linux
client that is Java-based and supports proxies. Inspired by Twitteroo
GTwitter is a Linux client for reading and posting to twitter.com web service.
Simple Twitter client for Mac
TwitterPod can store logs to database and search Twitter logs quickly like Mail.app
TwitterPost allows you to easily post to and read from your Twitter feed – plus a whole lot more
SIMBL extension to add functionality to Twitterrific

Twitter with your Browser 

And save yourself some energy

Twit Kit
Integrate Twitter with your Firefox browser. This plugin can work on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also customize the look to fit your tastes.
Find out the statuses of your friends on Twitter right on your Firefox browser
Share webpages with your friends on Twitter. Can be integrated with your Firefox Browser
Receive and send tweets at the side of your Firefox browser
Firefox Search Plugin
Find out how you can post to Twitter right from your Firefox search bar
Post to Twitter via the address bar
A twitter sidebar for Firefox and Flock
Twitter widget for Opera
Power Twitter
Twitter plugin for Firefox that have photo and video sharing capabilities.
Firefox add-on that add different social networks to your browser
Firefox plugin that let you post more than 140 characters.
Firefox addon that lets you Tweet any page you see.
Post to twitter like Bookmarking
Displays your friend’s public timeline on your toolbar
This is a toolbar you can download so you can tweet via your browser

Twitter on your Mobile Phone 

Twitter anywhere you like

Update Twitter using Voice
Record Voice Messages on Twitter
Twitter for iphone
Self explanatory
Another Twitter client for iphones
Pocket Tweets
another twitter client for your iphone
mobile phone software with retweeting capabilities
windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.
send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your phone via Twitter.
Integrate your iphone with Twitter
Integrate Twitter with your blackberry
Another tool to integrate your blackberry with Twitter
Email Twitter
Get your Tweets on any email-enabled mobile phone
Twitter Site for your iphone
A tool that let you share videos via your phone.
Twitter client for your phone that has Flickr and other social network integration
Application for Palm OS
Get content without sending SMS
Moby Picture
Post to your blog or sites like Twitter on your mobile phone
allows you to share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone
Send twitter updates on your mobile phone along with GPS location
Post to Twitter + other sites using your mobile phone
Abiro Jitter
Abiro Jitter (Java Twitter) is an easy-to-use and fully-featured Twitter client for mobile phones
Java application which you can install on your phone
twitter client for android mobile phones
Twitteresce allows you to access your twitter feed using your mobile phone.
Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
Tiny Twitter
Client for any Java enabled device (that’s a bunch & includes the CrackBerry) and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone
Twitter SpellCheck
Check your spelling while twittering on your mobile phone

Specialized Twitter Sites 

From funny, useless to weird Twitter sites

Secret Tweet
Imagine PostSecret + Twitter. Tweet those secrets
Curse Bird
Find out who’s swearing on Twitter
Tweet What You Eat
Tweet what you’re eating at the moment
same with “Tweet what you eat”
Xbox 360 Gamer Tag
Automatically update twitter with what you are playing at a certain moment
Another site where you can update Xbox live activities on Twitter
Track your packages via Twitter with this tool
share what you’re reading on Twitter
Commuter Feed
Share tweets on traffic and transit delays
Tracks who you owe coffee or beer to
signals you through chimes where you have to let go of your thoughts.
Qwitter Tobacco
A twitter tool that helps you stop smoking
Post like a Pirate
Talk like a pirate on twitter
Roll the dice
Give you the power to roll a dice on twitter. Useful when you’re betting or playing games with your friends.
Twitter Me This
A contest where you can win $5 if you answer their question
Tweet gift
Send gifts to your friends.
turns your tweets into actions
Track your expenses with twitter
The place where you can tweet job postings
Tracks your gas usage on Twitter
Tell twitter how you feel
Deal Tagger
Shop and tell your Twitter friends
LOL feeds
Have your tweets on lolcat images
Tweet your secrets
Sad Statements
Twitter + Flickr with an emotional twist. Post those sad statements here
Twitter Nonsense
Daily Twitter Comic Strip
Xbox to Twitter app
only updating when the title being played changes, not showing popups and even a preview of what your twitter updates will look like once they are combined with your template.
a Twitter Client for Second Life
Reads books to Twitter
Twitters the first line of books

“That’s it for now.
I hoped you liked it

Keep Tweeting!”

You on Twitter? 

Add your Twitter account here

Twitter is a community. Post your Twitter account here. Follow and be followed.

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The Ultimate Twitter Resource

How to Attract and Influence
People on Twitter
(The Ultimate Twitter Resource)by Derek


Twitter Skills and Twitter Followers… who wants some?

There are thousands of excellent Twitter resources all over the internet, but until now, they were hard to find.

This Twitter Marketing resource introduces you to the best Twitter tips and Twitter How tos… period.

Each chapter contains several links to hand-picked blog posts that improve your Twitter skills and teach you how to get traffic with social media.

This will be a living resource and will be updated as necessary. So you should probably bookmark it.

Are you ready to step-up your Twitter game?

Introducing: The Ultimate Twitter Resource Book

Here is how you get started. When you click one of the chapter links below, it will jump you to your desired chapter… without refreshing the page. So, pick which chapter you like and get started.

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Chapter 1: Twitter for Newbies

Whether you are new to Twitter or new to using Twitter effectively, these 7 resources will be a huge help. This should give you a wonderful introduction to the awesome social media tool known as Twitter.

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Chapter 2: How to Use Twitter Effectively

Once you know what Twitter is and how it works, these 7 resources will show you how to use Twitter the right way. You will learn what other Tweeple do and how to get your followers to click your links. Additionally, you will learn the most important type of tweet… the question.

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Chapter 3: How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

So, you know how to use Twitter and you know how to create high-impact tweets, but no one is listening. Here are 9 resources that show you how to gain Twitter followers and how to lose Twitter followers. I highly recommend you check out how Kevin Rose increased his Twitter Followers.

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Chapter 4: Why Twitter Helps Bloggers (and How They Can Use It)

Here is where several bloggers talk specifics. You will learn how to increase your RSS subscribers and Blog readers via Twitter. Additionally, you will learn why specific types of bloggers, like lifestyle and business bloggers, use Twitter and how they do it.

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Chapter 5: The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business (both Small and Big)

This is the one-stop source for all Twitter resources that relate specifically to business. You will learn how people acquire customers and grow their business using Twitter. Additionally, you will see a few examples of large companies who use Twitter effectively.

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Chapter 6: Here are the Best Twitter Marketing Resources… Period

Where there are people, there will be marketers looking to market to them. Twitter has lots of people and here is how you can market to them the right way. You will learn how to go viral and how to build your brand.

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Chapter 7: Does Twitter Provide Any SEO Benefits?

With Twitter No Following all their outgoing links, are there still SEO Benefits? These 6 articles will help you learn just how it works.

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Chapter 8: Where Else Does Twitter Apply?

So, I talked about Blogging, Marketing, SEO, and Business. Here are more ways you can use Twitter. Some highlights include, Twitter for Journalism, Twitter for Career Advancement, and Twitter for Recruiting.

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Chapter 9: Twitter Case Studies: What Are People and Companies Doing?

This is the most important chapter. Once you learn all the tips and tricks of Twitter, here are some real world examples of how companies and people use it. If you know of more case studies, please tweet me as I would like to build this out substantially.

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Bonus Chapter: More Twitter Tips

These Twitter Tips are just a bonus and don’t fall into any of the above categories.

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Amman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) behind the scene

I moved to Amman Jordan back in June 2009, and as always I have some sort of online exposure. At that time the Twitter mania was getting out there specially in the Jordanian scene. We started meeting and have our own little JoTweetup meetings. I was fortunate enough to make new friends from all sectors and classes.

Then few months later, I came up with a new hashtag (#Top50Jo) to list the top things we like about Jordan. Ofcourse this was one of my random thoughts, but the feedback was enormous, everybody started tweeting their most favorite thing about Jordan and we even had a video about it.

A bunch of us decided to take this further and create an event for Techies in Jordan, and this is where Ammman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) came about.

The first event had huge outcome a lot bigger than we thought, so we decided to get more organized and work harder to make the 2nd event a success, and it was very well prepared and had a good outcome.

We have decided t create different themes and synergize with a sister entity, we had a good run with The Open Source Group, and the next event will be with 7iber and the theme will be about Social Media and how it is being implemented in terms of activism, marketing, commercialized and what have you.

The core team (at least that’s what we call ourselves) consist of :

Zamil Safwan: He is a telecom consultant and he likes to hang out at La Ville Cafe. He is also the to 3rd most followed tweep in jordan. http://www.zsafwan.com @zsafwan

Fouad Jeryes: He works at http://www.d1g.com and he is a marketing/sales guru @FouadJeryes

Basem Aggad: Another telecom consultant and CEO of (Scooter Express) http://www.nedco.com.jo @BasemAggad

Omar Al Taweel: Lawyer and legal advisor of AmmanTT http://twitter.com/mirqab @mirqab

Ata Al Qadi: Website & Facebok application developer and CEO of Benu technologies http://www.benutecs.com , he is also the webmaster of http:// www.ammantt.com @Swfmaster

Ibrahim Manna: Managing Director of http://www.wheels-express.com and now a proud owner of an iPad @Manna_87

Ali Dahmash: A social media activist http://www.undermyolivetree.com and he is the media representative of AmmanTT @Alidahmash

Sari Al Hiari: Enterprise Architect but has moved to Riyadh, KSA @Sarihiari

Khaled Elahmad: A social media shusmo lol @Shusmo

Ofcourse this event is a community based and loads and loads of people are behind the scene, like Malik Shishtawi, Mohammed Tarakiyee, Saeed Omar, Bassam Ali, Mohamad Obeidat, Izzedeen Obeidat, and many many more.

Video Editing and Live stream is being done by Aramram Web TV http://www.aramram.com

Coffee Break is being sponsored by a 3rd party, it started with http://www.KitchenetteJo.com and then http://www.Wheels-Express.com and the next one will be by http://www.lavilleamman.com

We do meet every Monday and we are on a daily email spat! LOL

We have a selection process where we meet after each event to decide on the theme and the speakers selection of the upcoming one.

Once we agree on the new theme, we create a pool of speakers and take any suggestion from the website as long it is relevant to the theme.

Then we contact the potential candidates and inform them of our selection process and they get to send us the topic an a presentation in 10 to 14 days. Finally the core team vote which speakers to have on.

We always come up with new ideas on how to make the next event vibrant and fresh. Please do visit our website and drop us a line or two.

Venue: The event is being held at PSUT with the help of QRCE

We are also looking for ways to change the format of presentation, if you have a new idea please do share it with us at http://www.ammantt.com/get-involved/

Website: http://www.ammantt.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=101129103262462&v

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmmanTT

AmmanTT vidoes: http://www.ammantt.com/videos/

AmmanTT photos: http://www.ammantt.com/images/

An example of a bad customer service

So, I applied for a new bank account and after asking around I decided to go with bank X and went to Citymall because I know they stay open till 10 PM.

So, few days later they called me to pick up my ATM card, I went to pick up my card.

Me: Hello, i came to pick up my ATM card.

Banker: your ID please.

Me: here you go and i would also check on my online  access.

Banker: here is a form for online access. (he was multitasking)

Me: I think I have already filled this form, but I’m not sure.

Banker: No, problem go ahead and fill it up. (not listening to my remark)

Me: OK, can I borrow a pen, and I filled it up and left.

Ofcourse I had to use my lunch break to go to the bank and took a taxi to do so.

Going back to work with a taxi I get a phone call.

Banker: Mr. Khaled, you already filed for online access and it is ready for you to pickup!

Me: Allah yehdeek I told you so, there is no way for me to go back now, gotta head to work.

Banker: make sure you pick it up this week because it has been here for a week almost!

After a couple of days I went back to the bank at Citymall branch.

offices were empty so I went to the only occupied one which was the branch manager.

Me: I came to pick up my online access please.

Manager: your ID please?

Me: here you go. You know, I came few days ago to pickup my ATM card and asked about my online access but I was told to file a new form although I was quiet sure that I already done so, and I filed a new one but then later on while I was on way to work I was told it is ready for me.

Manager: What? no there is a miscommunication, you didn’t understand what he was telling you!!!

Me: Can i have my ID back? salam.

OK, at first the baker did a bad job listening to my needs.

Second, the manager instead of apologizing and offering a better services in the future he try to blame the customer!

That is one bad customer service from all sides.

The Banker should have stopped doing what he is doing the minute I sat down and gave me full attention to listen to my needs and understand what I’m looking for.

The Manager should have apologized and not blame me for their mistake, even if I had a bad day, he should have turned this situation around with a smile and a sincere apology and a promise to do a better service in the future.

La Ville Cafe & Restaurant

I was first introduced to La ville Cafe ( WebsiteTwitterFacebook ) by Zamil , the place is pretty new and the it has a lovely indoor and outdoor setting. One of the good thing about the place beside many is the wifi, the owner Tariq is a mac head who is a fan of apple products, he has an iphone app in the making and wil be providing ipads for to use at La ville pretty soon.

Do you remember TV show “Cheers” Bar “where everybody knows your name”?

Or the TV show Friends?

La Ville Cafe is becoming our hangout. We have hosted various Jotweetups and few more Tech events such as “Social Media cafe

This is me enjoying the fast wifi and abusing the bandwidth 🙂

La Ville Cafe has a great chef. They offer great items such as Fettucini Alfredo, Hamour fish plate and fancy sandwiches. I have even asked for BBQ stuffed baked potato with chicken and it is the only place in Jordan that makes it upon request 🙂 . Their Shisha’s are new and made upon request which makes it a class A experience.

Great seating, great lighting, great LCDs and they are working on getting a large screen for the World Football Cup

This is at the Social Media cafe event

At a Jotweetup meeting


La Ville



Best Shisha in town at La ville cafe

So for all of you Tech Heads I would like to invite you to visit La ville Cafe and experience the luxurious setting of a fancy Cafe & restaurant with superb wifi and delicious menu and did I mention best Shisha in town? 🙂

La Ville cafe & restaurant
Al Madina Al Monawara Street
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 06-5821882 / 0795777789

Credit where credit is due: Photos were taken by Kinan , Jansait & Ali

Nemr Abou Nassar talking about Tourism in Jordan

Nemr Abou Nassar did a comedy standup show in Amman which attracted around 1800 people.

I was fortunate enough to attend the show. This is his first extended visit and beside his jokes he brings up an interesting topic of how Jordan is under marketed and how the people and government are doing a poor job promoting tourism in Jordan, watch the video:

Little incident at the McDonald City Mall

This is an old post from my personal Blog

Little incident at the McDonald City Mall

Posted by Khaled on December 26, 2009

I took my kids along with my brother and his son to City mall to play at the kids playground thingy. Well after a couple of hours of torture we went to the food court to have a bite. Of course the kid’s favorite is McDonald. So I went to buy them happy meals, and here is how things went:

Me: I want this and that and that and this.

Cashier girl: Your total is 10.950 JD

* So I took my money out and I had two 20JDs and four 1Jd, so I handed her 21JD*

*She took the money and did not give me my 10JD back*

Me: I gave you 21JD

Cashier girl: No, you gave me 11JD.

Me: Could you check the cashier Machine and make sure.

*She does and show me 11JD*

Me: OK, looks like one of us could be mistaken here, could I speak with the Manager?

Manager: Yes may I help you.

Me: We have a situation here, my total was 10.950 and I gave her 21JD while she says I gave her 11JD. Either ways one of us has made a mistake, could be me could be here….

Cashier girl: LA WALLAH, HE GAVE ME 11JD.

Me: Ma’am, I’m not saying you have done anything wrong, I’m just saying one of us has done an accidental error.

Manager: Please get back to your cashier.

Me: So, could you check after you close your tonight and see if you have any cash over and if you do have 10JD to give me a call.

Manager: By all means, will do and not to worry thank you for coming.

*Handed him my business card*

Went back to my table to enjoy my meal with my kids and in my mind I was thinking, GOOD FAT LUCK! but felt good about the procedure I followed to report my problem and I think I have done a good job staying calm.

Then my phone rings only 15 minutes later and it was the Manager on the other line asking me to go back and talk to him.

He has done quick money count at that cashier machine and found out an extra 10JD and check with the security camera as well.

I’m so proud of the way this young manager handled this situation. And I want to applaud him  for such professionalism & caliber.

Do I sense hope for Customer Service in Jordan? or is it only available in internationally franchised establishment?

I’m contacting Armoush group to send recommendations to the young manager Mr. Mohamad Salim Alhadoub at McDonald City Mall.