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Amman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) behind the scene

I moved to Amman Jordan back in June 2009, and as always I have some sort of online exposure. At that time the Twitter mania was getting out there specially in the Jordanian scene. We started meeting and have our own little JoTweetup meetings. I was fortunate enough to make new friends from all sectors and classes.

Then few months later, I came up with a new hashtag (#Top50Jo) to list the top things we like about Jordan. Ofcourse this was one of my random thoughts, but the feedback was enormous, everybody started tweeting their most favorite thing about Jordan and we even had a video about it.

A bunch of us decided to take this further and create an event for Techies in Jordan, and this is where Ammman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) came about.

The first event had huge outcome a lot bigger than we thought, so we decided to get more organized and work harder to make the 2nd event a success, and it was very well prepared and had a good outcome.

We have decided t create different themes and synergize with a sister entity, we had a good run with The Open Source Group, and the next event will be with 7iber and the theme will be about Social Media and how it is being implemented in terms of activism, marketing, commercialized and what have you.

The core team (at least that’s what we call ourselves) consist of :

Zamil Safwan: He is a telecom consultant and he likes to hang out at La Ville Cafe. He is also the to 3rd most followed tweep in jordan. http://www.zsafwan.com @zsafwan

Fouad Jeryes: He works at http://www.d1g.com and he is a marketing/sales guru @FouadJeryes

Basem Aggad: Another telecom consultant and CEO of (Scooter Express) http://www.nedco.com.jo @BasemAggad

Omar Al Taweel: Lawyer and legal advisor of AmmanTT http://twitter.com/mirqab @mirqab

Ata Al Qadi: Website & Facebok application developer and CEO of Benu technologies http://www.benutecs.com , he is also the webmaster of http:// www.ammantt.com @Swfmaster

Ibrahim Manna: Managing Director of http://www.wheels-express.com and now a proud owner of an iPad @Manna_87

Ali Dahmash: A social media activist http://www.undermyolivetree.com and he is the media representative of AmmanTT @Alidahmash

Sari Al Hiari: Enterprise Architect but has moved to Riyadh, KSA @Sarihiari

Khaled Elahmad: A social media shusmo lol @Shusmo

Ofcourse this event is a community based and loads and loads of people are behind the scene, like Malik Shishtawi, Mohammed Tarakiyee, Saeed Omar, Bassam Ali, Mohamad Obeidat, Izzedeen Obeidat, and many many more.

Video Editing and Live stream is being done by Aramram Web TV http://www.aramram.com

Coffee Break is being sponsored by a 3rd party, it started with http://www.KitchenetteJo.com and then http://www.Wheels-Express.com and the next one will be by http://www.lavilleamman.com

We do meet every Monday and we are on a daily email spat! LOL

We have a selection process where we meet after each event to decide on the theme and the speakers selection of the upcoming one.

Once we agree on the new theme, we create a pool of speakers and take any suggestion from the website as long it is relevant to the theme.

Then we contact the potential candidates and inform them of our selection process and they get to send us the topic an a presentation in 10 to 14 days. Finally the core team vote which speakers to have on.

We always come up with new ideas on how to make the next event vibrant and fresh. Please do visit our website and drop us a line or two.

Venue: The event is being held at PSUT with the help of QRCE

We are also looking for ways to change the format of presentation, if you have a new idea please do share it with us at http://www.ammantt.com/get-involved/

Website: http://www.ammantt.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=101129103262462&v

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmmanTT

AmmanTT vidoes: http://www.ammantt.com/videos/

AmmanTT photos: http://www.ammantt.com/images/


An example of a bad customer service

So, I applied for a new bank account and after asking around I decided to go with bank X and went to Citymall because I know they stay open till 10 PM.

So, few days later they called me to pick up my ATM card, I went to pick up my card.

Me: Hello, i came to pick up my ATM card.

Banker: your ID please.

Me: here you go and i would also check on my online  access.

Banker: here is a form for online access. (he was multitasking)

Me: I think I have already filled this form, but I’m not sure.

Banker: No, problem go ahead and fill it up. (not listening to my remark)

Me: OK, can I borrow a pen, and I filled it up and left.

Ofcourse I had to use my lunch break to go to the bank and took a taxi to do so.

Going back to work with a taxi I get a phone call.

Banker: Mr. Khaled, you already filed for online access and it is ready for you to pickup!

Me: Allah yehdeek I told you so, there is no way for me to go back now, gotta head to work.

Banker: make sure you pick it up this week because it has been here for a week almost!

After a couple of days I went back to the bank at Citymall branch.

offices were empty so I went to the only occupied one which was the branch manager.

Me: I came to pick up my online access please.

Manager: your ID please?

Me: here you go. You know, I came few days ago to pickup my ATM card and asked about my online access but I was told to file a new form although I was quiet sure that I already done so, and I filed a new one but then later on while I was on way to work I was told it is ready for me.

Manager: What? no there is a miscommunication, you didn’t understand what he was telling you!!!

Me: Can i have my ID back? salam.

OK, at first the baker did a bad job listening to my needs.

Second, the manager instead of apologizing and offering a better services in the future he try to blame the customer!

That is one bad customer service from all sides.

The Banker should have stopped doing what he is doing the minute I sat down and gave me full attention to listen to my needs and understand what I’m looking for.

The Manager should have apologized and not blame me for their mistake, even if I had a bad day, he should have turned this situation around with a smile and a sincere apology and a promise to do a better service in the future.

La Ville Cafe & Restaurant

I was first introduced to La ville Cafe ( WebsiteTwitterFacebook ) by Zamil , the place is pretty new and the it has a lovely indoor and outdoor setting. One of the good thing about the place beside many is the wifi, the owner Tariq is a mac head who is a fan of apple products, he has an iphone app in the making and wil be providing ipads for to use at La ville pretty soon.

Do you remember TV show “Cheers” Bar “where everybody knows your name”?

Or the TV show Friends?

La Ville Cafe is becoming our hangout. We have hosted various Jotweetups and few more Tech events such as “Social Media cafe

This is me enjoying the fast wifi and abusing the bandwidth 🙂

La Ville Cafe has a great chef. They offer great items such as Fettucini Alfredo, Hamour fish plate and fancy sandwiches. I have even asked for BBQ stuffed baked potato with chicken and it is the only place in Jordan that makes it upon request 🙂 . Their Shisha’s are new and made upon request which makes it a class A experience.

Great seating, great lighting, great LCDs and they are working on getting a large screen for the World Football Cup

This is at the Social Media cafe event

At a Jotweetup meeting


La Ville



Best Shisha in town at La ville cafe

So for all of you Tech Heads I would like to invite you to visit La ville Cafe and experience the luxurious setting of a fancy Cafe & restaurant with superb wifi and delicious menu and did I mention best Shisha in town? 🙂

La Ville cafe & restaurant
Al Madina Al Monawara Street
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 06-5821882 / 0795777789

Credit where credit is due: Photos were taken by Kinan , Jansait & Ali