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AmmanTT preparation for dummies


Today I’m going to talk about the preparation that goes around pre Amman Tech Tuesday (AmmanTT) event.

Venue: The most important things is the venue, so we have been using Princess Sumaya University Friendship hall that holds around 200 seats, but now that we have a larger crowd we are looking for a new venue that holds 300+.

Coffee Break: Then we have the Coffee break which cost around 250JD catered by Kitchennete Jo. We usually ask around for anyone who wants to sponsor it and in return they can give out mugs with logos and a roll out next to coffee break table.

Theme: We meet the day after the event *post event Meeting* and decide on a topic and pick an entity to help us suggest speakers such as 7iber and Jordan open Source.

Speakers: We have established a speaker selection process, first we nominate the speakers once the topic is set, then send an email to all of them asking them to send us an intro & a draft presentation we also suggest to them that we think they are good at so and so their topic can be so and so but in the end it is up to them. Once we receive their response we establish a dialogue and invite them to our next meeting which is on Mondays. Once we see them and talk to them and check out their presentation and emphasis that this is not about promoting yourself rather than talking about your experience and offering tips and stories that the community can learn from, we vote on speakers.

Video & Photos: We were lucky to have Aramram onboard who offered to do Ustreaming plus a video about the event along with the pre event meetings. Also some of our online friends (tweeps & Bloggers)
are professional photographers who are also helping with photographing the event.

Live Blogging & tweeting: We have established a live tweeting by one of our tweeting friends and everybody live tweet the event, then we also have Bloggers like myself and others who blog about it.

The event is Zero Budget, all of the community coming together donating their effort, time and little gadgets to help AmmanTT becoming a class act event to the community. We are not worried about people criticizing us, we love making mistakes so we can learn from them. We welcome all suggestions and they will be taken seriously, voted on and implemented.

We meet every Monday and email each other in between and genuinely working hard on making a successful event for techies in Jordan, the keyword here is collaboration where we are pitch in to make it work. See you Next AmmanTT event August 3rd J



One Response

  1. great seeing you guys in action and all the time, u r proof that anything is possible with hard work, determination to success and good team spirit.

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