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Interviewing His Excellency Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Twitter

Interviewing His Excellency Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh on Twitter #QFMJO


Tonight was an interesting night where I was fortunate enough to interview H.E Nasser Judeh or @Nasserhudeh on twitter. I used Wazzup and search #QFMJO Which shows a good overall view, I should have used Twitlonger for Q & A but will do in my next interview. For a couple of days I announced the interview along with the hashtag #QFMJO (Questions to Foreign Minister of Jordan) and collected around 40 questions that tackles foreign issues. The interview was a great step towards an open dialogue between the government and the people, there are more officials who showed interest in conducting the same interview, which will be conducting later on. This is just a start and you can continue the dialogue at 7iber


Shusmo: #QFMJO Interview with H.E Foreign Minister @NasserJudeh is one hour away RT/Pls All Questions has been noted, please no interruptions

Shusmo: #QFMJO Interview with H.E Foreign Minister @NasserJudeh in 27 minutes RT/Pls

Shusmo: We are about to start the interview with His Excellency Mr. Nasser Judeh, please no interruptions all questions has been


NasserJudeh: @Shusmo Are we set?

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Yes sir.

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO Hello @Shusmo

Shusmo: First I would like to thank His Excellency for taking the time to communicate with us via Twitter, and here are the instructions: When I ask the question I will be mentioning the name of the person asking the question,when answering pls start with #QFMJO + Name + Tweet

NasserJudeh: @Shusmo #QFMJO Right! Got it!

Shusmo: #QFMJO @SamiaQ : How much does #US foreign policy affect Jordan’s policies? by that i mean on domestic, regional& international levels?

NasserJudeh: @SamiaQ #QFMJO Jordan’s foreign policy reflects Jordan`s national interests and is affected by the variables affecting its national interest, So the direct answer to your question is that national interest drives Jordanian foreign policy. in some instances Jordan’s national interests may well converge with those of other countries.

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Thank you, next Q

Shusmo: #QFMJO @UrdunMubdi3 : Given our challenges & mistrust in region, what needs to be the role of Diplomacy 2.0 to reshape our next decade?

NasserJudeh: there is no doubt peace & stability in our region and a just solution to Arab Israeli conflict will unleash the vast potential, of this region and enable regional cooperation to bring about prosperity. this is a Jordanian national interest.

Shusmo: OK, a bunch of questions were about the same topic, so I’m gonna tweet all 4 questions because it is the same answer #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah : R there any circmstnces under which#Jordan wld yield its right 2 develop nuclear energy due 2 #Israeli &#USA pressure?
Shusmo: @Elsalameen : Why do you think Israel is sabotaging Jordan’s nuclear program? Can you name an instance of Israel doing so?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MayseNababteh : How true is it that Israel is trying to disrupt our efforts 4 nuclear energy? What r we doing 2 preserve our RIGHT?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How serious is the latest media driven debate on Jordan-US nuclear disagreement?
NasserJudeh: @Tarawnah #QFMJO absolutly not. jordan’s peaceful neoclear energy program is a strategic requirement 4Jordan. There is not US pressure, there is not Us pressure not to proceed with the program on the contrary there is support for this, as expressed recently by the state dep. discussions are ongoing with the US to finalize NCA similar to ones signed with others, israel may have tried to throw a spanner in the works in our discussion with other countries but this will not deter us. and our Neoclear program is proceeding on schedule. neoclear energy for jordan is not a luxury but a question of survival given our reliance on imported energy, which takes its heavy toll on our economy. All our friends appreciate this.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @zsafwan :How does #Jordan view new #Turkish role in region? Will role help change rules of the game for region?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO Turkey is an important neighbour to our region and is attempting to contribute positvely to quest of peace as are many other countries around the world in the final analyses the world stands to beenefit from peace and stability in the ME I recenlty said that peacein the ME is peace of mind for the rest of the world so all positive contributions are welcome but God helps those who help themselves, and we owe this to our childern and their children.
Shusmo: Thank you, Now I have 3 questions tackling the same issue which will shoot all 3 at once for the same answer #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : Other than providing support for the anti- terror “global” effort, what leverage do we REALLY have on the world stage?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MayseNababteh : Pls clarify what our role is in the global fight against so-called #terrorism? Why r we in#Afghanistan?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah : Are there plans for Jordan to inform its public where it has sent troops & their role in the so-called “war on terror”?
NasserJudeh: @MohannedA #QFMJO providing support? We are in this effort primarly to protect our own national interests and citizens. need i remind need i remind how many times we were targeted by terror and how many innocent lives we have lost? and yes in order for this to be effective it has to be in concert with the golbale network. as for leverage; experience, respect our leadership’s vision and wisdom and stature on the world stage to name but a few factors contributing to leverage.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @bataleh :اسرائيل تقول لا دوله فلسطينية بل تتحدث عن الاردن كوطن بديل ونحن نصر ان هناك سلام و نحمي سفيرها بعمان وهم يقصفون غزة !لماذا؟
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO الاردن ليس وطنا بديلا لاحد. فلسطين هي فلسطين والاردن هو الاردن وكل من يدعي او يروج لغير ذلك هو واهم @bataleh ÷ما بالنسبة لغزة  اما بالنسبة لغزة فموقف جلالة الملك المعظم الثابت هة بضرورة وحتمية رفع الحصار الجائر عن اهلنا في غزة وبوجود المستشفى الميداني.  العسكري ومئات قوافل الااغاثة والمساعدات الطبية والانسانية والغذائية لغزة كنا فعليا اول من كسر الحصار قولا وفعلا.  والاردن يسخر كافة علاقاته الدبلوماسية لخدمة القضايا العربية وفي جوهرها القضية الفلسطينية واهلها.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @Priapus_D : Will #Jordan play a MORE active role in the solution to the #Arab #Israeli Conflict?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO forgive me for saying that this a rhetorical question as no one has played a more active role in the quest for peace in our region

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO please forgive spelling mistakes as i am typing very fast with two fingers but you get the general drift i hope.

Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Yes we we got it 🙂 thank you #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @Priapus_D : In this time of shifting sands how is #Jordangoing to adjust it’s international Alliances?
NasserJudeh: Jordan’s foreign policy is not 1 that is based on axies & or alliances it’s one based on concensus building and a collective effort.#QFMJO HM Traverls the world to bring opp. to Jordan & to focus intl attention on regional challenges and need to collectivly address them #QFMJO
NasserJudeh: @OulaFarawati #QFMJO My T Shirt has the Jordanian flag on my left shoulder and says “GOD KING COUNTRY ” on the back
Shusmo: #QFMJO I have few questions in regards to #Jordan Embassies abroad will shoot them together
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why doesn’t Foreign Ministry have a more informative Portal,with each embassy & consulate website being part of it?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @KhalilWahhab :had a question about creating an English website 4 the Ministry & some of the foreign Embassy websites are unavailable
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why don’t #Jordan embassies set up Jordanian schools abroad for our children? most of the other embassies do
Shusmo: One more #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why cant Jordanian expats vote through embassies? why do we lose this basic right?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO I really hope that one day they will be able to as it is important.

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO We do have the ministry’s website in both english and Arabic, they are undergoing redesign and redevelopment.
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : How is the #Obama doctrine any different from the #Bush doctrine as it relates to #Jordan and its foreign policy?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO No different in HM’s meetings with Obama since he took office there has been nothing but reaffermation of strong bond between between 2 countries and appreciation for jordan’s imp. role in region as a voice of reason and vision. This feeling is carried from administration to administration. @MohannedA
Shusmo: #QFMJO @HamzehN : Can u plz share short-to-medium term goals on ministry’s current agenda? Can u comment on obstacles u face WITHIN #JO?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @ Building on work of pervious ministers and ensuring that diplomatic corp is eqpt, trained and supported 2 carry out it’s it’s duties in implemnting HM’s visions and policies. i always say that HM with the respect that he has around the world opens the door and creates opp. it is up to us to walk through these doors and do our work. this requires a polished diplomatic corp and attracting a new generation of young energetic jordanian men and women serving their country here and abroad, that is my dream here at the ministry. empower those who are here and attract talent into the system.
Shusmo: I know this might not be in your backyard, but here it goes..#QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @mirqab Do u agree with a governmental project to edu ppl about political parties b4 rushing to the elections?
Shusmo: #QFMJO @mirqab : As proper elections require the presence of political parties ,do u think we r ready for non-tribal elections?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO I think this is a question for others in the gov. and although I am not short of an answer lets stick to foreign policy
Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Sure, thank you, more on the way #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How do u view the future role of #JO diplomatic mission in bridging the gap with Jordanians abroad?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO refere to what HM & PM said recently on vision for the kind of political parliamentary representation Jordanians should aspire 2 truly reflect our country’s vision for the future, an essential component of the work of Jordanian embassies abroad is maintain channels with jordanian communities abroad we do everything in our power 2 facilitate and meet needs of Jordanians abroad and provide them wih assistance required 2 maintain links with their homeland.
Shusmo: Thank you Your Excellency @NasserJudeh we are having a 10 minutes break and we will resume afterwards #QFMJO
Shusmo: @hsalameh This is the first step toward the dialogue, @7iber will post it again and open door for further discussion and you can always @ HE
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO shall we
Shusmo: Welcome back #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @tarawnah#JO has so far failed to attract large- scale foreign investment, what needs 2b done 2 attract giants like #Google#Nike?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @tarawnah electricity,energy, water, telecom,DISI,aQABA, hotels, kh business park, all and much more. Hardly failure not to mention Maktoob`s recent success with Yahoo. doesnt mean we cant do more and we r trying.
Shusmo: @NasserJudeh Good answer thank you #QFMJO
Tarawnah: @NasserJudeh i was actually refering more to heavy manufacturing. but thanks for taking the time to respond. good step!
Shusmo: #QFMJO @MohannedA : What would it take 2 withdraw the #Jo#ambassador from #Israel?
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @MohannedA In the recent flotilla incident it was Jordanian diplomacy contacts with many, including Israel that secured release of the passengers. Like I said, Jordan’s diplomatic ties r utilised to serve the Palestinian Cause and exert pressure when necessary.
Shusmo: @hazemdmour: هل في اجنده لدى الوزاره للتعامل مع الراي العام الاردني بخصوص قضايا المنطقه ؟
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO @elsalameen Wh,y I dont know. its for them to answer. But Jordan’s nuclear prog is transparent, abides by int”l standards and checks and on more than one occasion they tried to undercut our discussions with some countries on NCA.
but since we made a noise about it they are now trying to cooperate.
Shusmo: I have 2 more questions before we wrap up #QFMJO
Shusmo: #QFMJO @bataleh : ما الذي يحدد حضور او عدم حضور الاردن لأي قمة عربية ؟
NasserJudeh: @bataleh #QFMJO الاردن تاريخيا لم يتخلف عن حضور اي قمة عربية ودائما يحرص على الاجماع العربي والعمل العربي المشترك. ولذلك الاردن دائما يشارك
Shusmo: #QFMJO @SamiaQ: How to encourage US/EU to send more aid for Iraqi refugees since they r stuck n jordan? we cant ignore them after all
NasserJudeh: @SamiaQ iraqis in jordan r not refugees even though they r here in large no. we share with tem wot lit we have as our guests &#QFMJO and brethrens and yes this has an added toll on our economy. we have received aid in past and cont. to seek intl help in this regard.
Shusmo: Those are all the question we have for His Excellency @NasserJudeh this is not the end, but rather the beginning of a dialogue #QFMJO
Shusmo: I would like to thank His Excellency @NasserJudeh, much appreciated and hope this is the start of something positive#QFMJO
NasserJudeh: @Shusmo My pleasure I enjoyed it thoroughly brought back good memories of when I used to do this as minster of inf. #QFMJO in fact I remember a night like this one when i sat late into the night with my good friend Marwan Jumah @ICTMIN in the mid 90’s @ netsonline’s Ask The Gov. Back then internet was a novelty and look where we are today. Their Majestieshave set an example hve set an example of how to be close to people whether in real life or cyberspace and we are trying to follow that example today we see the PM and several ministerws and officials not only on twitter but everywhere. this is the beauty of our beloved Jordan
NasserJudeh: #QFMJO if I have not answered any remaining question by all means keep them coming and I promise to answer in due course. Thank u @Shusmo

NasserJudeh: #QFMJO and thanks to my entire team whose suppopset in always invaluable. lets do another session soon! Good Night!
To continue the dialogue check out 7iber

14 Responses

  1. I would like to leave here the same comment that I left at 7iber, but not before thanking you for the good efforts you have exerted in conducting the interview and compiling this blog entry, as well as thanking his excellency for his opness and modernity.
    Now to the criticism:)
    Although it was a novel and original touch by his excellency, yet I do not think that such interviews are the best method to communicating information between the officials and the public. The form of the interview as well as the content will not allow the writer to express and the reader to understand what is being debated in an efficient and effective manner.
    Aside from that, I fear that such stunts will amount to nothing but creative campaigns for popularity, which are not bad in themselves but need other venues and channels to cement these bonds and relations between the officials and the public.

  2. Thank you Nafez for your comment 🙂

    I think this is a great step towards a opening a new channel between the government and the people.

    Not only with a single tweet you can reach CEOs now you can reach top government officials and express your concerns.

    This is the first of many interviews to come with government senior officials.

    Thank you again for stopping by 🙂


  3. thank you for your efforts, thanks to HE, thanks to the great leader… etc.. etc..

    Now, what exactly did he add? I mean, if you asked anyone from the street to be the FM and reply to those questions with same old blabber, you wouldn’t get anything different!

    He should be asking us what we want, not the other way around, there’s no point whatsoever in interviewing a FM, especially a Jordanian one that affects nothing!

    Let me spare you your answer as well, yes, we heard it all before: it’s a step in the way, lets look at the bright side, blah blah… my opinion, the only one gaining anything here is Nasser Joudeh himself, he did nothing, and now he’s being labeled as an open interactive minister.

  4. Hi Salim,

    Thanks for stopping by, we see things differently. I’m not gonna argue with you, you asked that the H.E should ask you what do you want, so I am doing it. What do you want?

  5. I want to see my country governed by those who are there to serve it, those of my choice, I want to see our universities pumping with freedom of speech, I want to see our newspapers and journalists criticizing who ever they see wrong without fearing of elimination, I want to see the government cutting down on its expenses not in press conferences but in the 19,000 cars running for it and the hundreds of thousands of dinars of bonuses and raises to officials who can barely read.

    I want to sleep at night knowing that torture, in its most bloody forms, is not happening in our prisons and police stations, I want to see the policeman respecting the citizens not spitting on them and stepping over their heads. I want to be able to come back to my country with hope of being able to find a decent job without making a 100 calls to everyone I know to call people they know.

    I want to walk in Amman and stop wondering how can people drive Lamborghini’s when their fathers’ were only government officials, and stop wondering why hundreds of thousands cannot even afford a bus fair nowadays!

    You tell me how any of this will happen by interviewing someone who has nothing to do with anything, determines nothing, and affects nothing?

    With all due respect to you and to him, I would much rather see the head of intelligence on an interview or the king himself, and even then, I’ll not expect much.

    • As a fast ad hoc solution, I suggest that you check out the embassy of Switzerland!
      But on a more rational level, I just can’t stop myself from sensing an insatiable lust for whining and pointing fingers in your comments dear Mr. Salim. Though such frustration is justifiable when contrasted to the current situation on the ground, it still does not put bread on the table or solve the problems of the average Joe.
      I my point of view, and it might be striking to some, I feel that the best thing in the Jordan is it’s government, for with all it’s flaws, it manages in a way or another to fulfill it’s duties. The main causes for the problems you whine about, do not rest at the hand of the government, but are structural problems in the Jordanian society, and they will not disappear if we just curse the government day and night! Such structural problems need huge efforts to take the community to an enlightened level were they can produce and enjoy the types of luxuries you want. Mohammed (PBUH) once said: as you are, your leaders will be! While I feel that our leaders are a bit more than us!
      Just look at the traffic in any Jordanian street and tell me that the government asks the drivers to drive in that way!
      The corrupted official is one of us, and if we oust him, thousands like you and me will be glad to fill his position and become even worse! Before cursing him we should treat the society that produced such a nefarious fruit.

      • Exactly the kind of smart assness that is holding the situation to the current status quo… What a great thing to know that not torturing prisoners and freedom in universities to elect a student board are luxuries only a Swiss national can aspire for!

        And just a side advice, before you unleash your cliches to anyone saying anything away from your “long live the king”, try to read what they said first, I have not blamed it on the government anywhere, I know very well the hypocrisy and the draw backs of my people, my point was that it sickens me to see a child play like throwing a few questions at a no-affect figure and get the same old answers over and over again, and then make it look like we have accomplished a great thing! I want to see the head of intelligence on the stance, someone who literally rules the country, not Nasser Joudeh, so, please, spare your cliches for someone else, I am really sick of it..

      • There is a big difference between treating social ailments and solving personal problems, and between these two extremes, I am lost when trying to understand your situation, Mr. Salim. But I prefer to stick at the social level.
        At that level, I argue that it is a luxury to raise your son so he will feel ashamed to torture prisoners when he becomes a police officer. What is alleged to be happening in police stations in Jordan is far less than what happens to wives and daughters in their houses.
        Understanding that Universities are Institutions for knowledge instead of believing they are social clubs where you can pick up a husband or show off your macho ego centric personality is a luxury that tribal societies can not enjoy.
        Practicing religion as medium to spread love and come closer to your God rather than using it for oppression and spreading hatred is something that stems from individual propensities rather than from governmental doctrines or policies.
        In my point of view it is us who cause our suffering and it is us who should be treated, blaming artificial entities that we create is just like blaming your shoes for dropping you in the hole.
        Finally let me close with a cliche that I am sure you will despise: burring our heads in the sand thinking that our big bottoms will magically disappear, is as wishful as waiting for the white knight in his shiny armor to come and make you live happily ever after in your imagined never-land.

  6. […] diplomatic agenda. Questions and answers can all be viewed on the Twitter box below. Khaled, who conducted the session, has a full transcript of it as […]

  7. Well-done, good job indeed.

    Thanks Khaled.


  8. sadly didn’t participate but good job guys although personally i would have focused on the foreign ministry aspect with my questions but i wasn’t there so i can’t complain

  9. Thank you folks 🙂

  10. […] @shusmo did a good job leading the interview and questions. […]

  11. even in your blog 7asayt 7ali still on twitter 😛

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